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Material:Alnico1,Alnico2,Alnico3,Alnico5 (U.S.A Standard)Alnico120,Alnico160,Alnico500 (Germany Standard)Features:Alnico (Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt)An ideal material in high temperature  applications ,whic...

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Alnico1,Alnico2,Alnico3,Alnico5 (U.S.A Standard)

Alnico120,Alnico160,Alnico500 (Germany Standard)


Alnico (Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt)

An ideal material in high temperature  applications ,which has high operating temperature up to 550 and above ,with excellent corrosion resistance ,they can become partially demagnetized if they come in contact with other ferrous materials ,special care is requierd during handling and storing

usually cast and grinded during production,they are available in various grades depending on its application,others such as sintered Alnico have lower magentic properties but offer hight machanical characteristics


1.Material is cast Alnico magnet ,

2.Horseshoe oriented and two poles in  the same plane after magnetizing

3.Supplied with Zinc plated keeper on poles

4. Red-painted and guound on holding surface

5. Working temperature is up to 450

By making both end of the horseshoe and U-shaped magnet point in the same direction ,the lifting strength of the magnet is doubled.horseshoe magnet and many other types have everyday uses ,such as sticking a note to a refrigerator or picking up metal object.they are also used in a number of traditional and alternative medical treatment for eveything from to poor circulation.