FeCrCo MagnetsCharacteristics and Performance of FeCrCo MagnetsCharacteristics:Has similar Alnico5 magnets performance. Can be machined by drilling, milling, grinding, punching and so on. Can be ma...

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FeCrCo Magnets

Characteristics and Performance of FeCrCo Magnets


Has similar Alnico5 magnets performance. 

Can be machined by drilling, milling, grinding, punching and so on. 

Can be made to small and complex shape components. Its minimum diameter can reach 0.05mm and the thinnest thickness can reach 0.1mm, so it is suitable for the production of high-precision components. 

It has good temperature stability and corrosion resistance. The high Curie temperature is about 680℃ and the highest wroking teperature can reach 400℃ .

Iron-Chrome-Cobalt permanent magnets are a malleable, magnetically semi-hard alloy which is available in cast form (see the Alnico Magnet section) and as thin rolled strip, bar, rod or wire from Rolled Products facility. It is an excellent material for hysteresis coupling and for sensor applications. It is also a substitute for CuNiFe, which is no longer commercially available

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