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Dia 0.875" 6P Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnets including standard Alnico bar, alnico rod, alnico c-channel parts as well as custom parts from less than an ounce to almost 200 pounds. We also provide Alnico die-cast in aluminum, Alnico magnets dipped in plastisol and Alnico assemblies.

Common products include Alnico horseshoe or c-shaped magnets for beam focusing such as for radar use, Alnico cylinders for seals or sensors, and chip collection magnets. We are also proud to supply all kinds ofAlnico for guitar pickups for electric guitar.

D0.875 6p magnets is our recommended product. We,SENS Magnetic Products, Inc is an D0.875 6p magnets and SmCo permanent magnet manufacturer in Hangzhou ,China. We supply first-class permanent magnetic products.