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We, Hangzhou Sens Magnetics,LLC is an Alnico, FeCrCo, SmCo, NdFeB and Ceramic permanent magnet and magnetic assembly supplier in Hangzhou ,China. We supply first-class permanent magnetic products.

Our magnetic products:

Magnets and pickups do not have sounds, a manget's sonic result in guitar pickups application depends primarily on the strength of the magnet. Ceramic magnets are usually stronger than their Alnico counterpart, therefore they dounf brighter. The magnets and output, and wire for that matter, can all be used to balance each other out.

Alnico magnets including standard Alnico bar, alnico rod, alnico c-channel parts as well as custom parts from less than an ounce to almost 200 pounds. We also provide Alnico die-cast in aluminum, Alnico magnets dipped in plastisol and Alnico assemblies.

Common products include Alnico horseshoe or c-shaped magnets for beam focusing such as for radar use, Alnico cylinders for seals or sensors, and chip collection magnets. We are also proud to supply all kinds ofAlnico for guitar pickups for electric guitar.

Motor magnets and Rotor magnets are most in Arc or segment shape. some are Block magnets .
Arc Magnets is one special shape, normally material: NdFeB & Ferrite (ceramic) magnets. Some request high temperature, then use Alnico magnets.

Motor magnets, in Ceramic or NdFeB magnets.

Ceramic(Hard ferrite) magnets were developed in the early 1960 as a low-cost alternative to metallic magnets (steels and alnico), Ceramic magnets are very hard and brittle. Standard tolerances for ceramic magnet dimensions are +/-.005" for ground dimensions and +/- 2% of the size for as sintered dimensions. Because of their brittleness these magnets will not withstand impact or flexing. Ceramic magnets are chemically inert non-conductors, which is a benefit in many applications.

Characteristics and Performance of Cast Alnico Magnets
High density and magnetic properties, good capacity, shorter production lead time.
Excellent temperature stability and strong corrosion resistance, Temperature factor of Br is the smallest among all the permanent magnets. The maximum working temperaturer is up to 500 ℃ .
Suitable for large volume and regular shape magnets.