China's First High-definition NTU Caliber Triaxial Magnetic

- Oct 09, 2014-

Recently, the China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Detection Equipment middle magnet, the first set of large-diameter HD triaxial magnetic flux leakage detector test in progress, assembly, about to put Southwest Oil and Gas Field and gas line pipe inspection and construction. 

Demand for natural gas pipeline operation timing nondestructive testing, ability to ensure safe operation. Previous permanent magnet, pipeline inspection throughout the selection uniaxial detection skills, there are some limitations. Triaxial detection skills are high-end pipeline inspection professional skills, compared with uniaxial testing, on the one hand to optimize the magnets, such as magnetic steel brush layout and the layout of the new probe, on the other hand increased by three-axis direction of the shortcomings identified function, with a detection high accuracy, corrosion ability and other shortcomings identified strengths, completed its detection in service pipe diameter as the shaft like and dynamic image.