Magnetic And Small Metal Shine

- Oct 09, 2014-

Magnetic and small metal shine. Income accounted for only 13%, but the main profit accounted for nearly 30 percent but, mainly due to rare earth prices, the small metal prices outstanding performance in 2011. Magnetic copper, aluminum, gold revenues accounted for 74%, accounting for 56% of profits. 

       The third-quarter inventory levels basically unchanged from the second quarter, a massive restocking behavior did not occur. Used to measure corporate earnings ratio of inventory stock levels, this data is to eliminate the interference of price changes, as well as business size and other factors, a magnet to a certain extent reflect market purchases will. In addition to the processing of titanium, aluminum and rare earth processing, other indicators show the various sub-sectors in the third quarter does not make a massive inventory behavior. 

       Suppose December does not appear significant changes in non-ferrous metal prices, taking into account the general expense ratio will rise in the fourth quarter, we judge the performance of the chain in the fourth quarter will decline, however, the annual performance year will grow by about 40-50% over last year . Ferrite and rare earth prices mostly small metal prices rose sharply brought all shares related to performance, which Ke San Huan, Ningbo Yunsheng, Baotou Steel Rare Earth, such as an increase of 1-3 times the performance, in addition to gold, electrolytic the average price of aluminum higher than last year, is also more impressive performance gains, other large metal processing enterprises with a slight increase last year, or flat. 

       Colored plate stock price declines generally more than non-ferrous metal prices fell. This year each child colored magnet plate average price decline of about 30%, of which the copper plate down the rate reached 40%, while non-ferrous metal prices over the same period the average rate of decline of about 20%. 

       Gold stocks and gold price trend goes against the trend of gold as a traditional hedge against economic uncertainty in the euro, under the background of global economic instability, the future worth focusing on. Gold prices rose during the first half, but the gold stocks did not buy it, the trend has always been weak, but in August by the European debt crisis continues to deepen under the influence following the fall in gold prices fell, the formation of "do not chase, magnet manufacturers sell "trend. Taking into account the unpredictable future development of European debt, Chinese real estate regulation sustained slowdown in emerging economies, the global economic uncertainty, gold stocks after the fall, if the gold prices, gold stocks rebound momentum is strong, it is worth focusing attention.