Magnetic Materials Industry, As An Early Start In The New Materials Industry

- Oct 09, 2014-

Magnetic materials industry, as an early start in the new materials industry, magnetic steel more obvious advantages. MSC County magnetic materials industry started in the late 1970s to the end of the year, MSC County magnetics business over 30, the output value of nearly 20 billion yuan, an increase of over 40%; magnetics enterprises above designated size 11, the output value of nearly 1.8 billion yuan ; magnetics business 7 billion, the output value of about 1.5 billion yuan. Has a well-known trademark 2, two well-known trademarks, provincial brand one. There are two enterprises have become the focus of nurturing listed companies. After 40 years of development, MSC County magnetics industry chain continuous improvement, has covered bonded NdFeB, sintered NdFeB magnet factory, ferrite magnetic materials as well as electronic components, assemblies, battery materials, household appliances middle and lower part of the whole application. 

     Magnets industries have sprung up everywhere, thanks to the innovation capacity of enterprises. MSC has Chen Long County, Eagle ball, Wanbao three hi-tech enterprises, with "Jiangsu Province Powder Metallurgy Materials Engineering Research Center" and other provincial R & D center, with more than 30 research institutes and universities to form a good long-term and medium-sized partnership. Eagle ball brand of powder metallurgy products won the title of brand oil-bearing province, Chen Long Group 11uh power inductors new ferrite magnetic components, such as more than 10 products have been identified as high-tech products. To 2011, MSC County magnetic materials industry has a national 863 1, the provincial engineering technology research center 3, municipal engineering and technology research center 2, a provincial enterprise technology center, a municipal enterprise technology center .