Mobile Wave Would Endanger The Eye

- Oct 09, 2014-

Cataract is the life of a very common disease magnet, a load of this disease in patients suffering from eye diseases will bring great harm, so timely treatment for patients is very important, so patients should pay attention to this appear sick, a good treatment for patients also have strengths, then repeatedly answer the phone in case it causes cataracts? let professors to answer it. 

Too repeatedly answer the phone in case of causing cataracts. Director of the Institute of Ophthalmology, Zhejiang University NdFeB first time experimentally proved: phone answering lens electromagnetic microwave attack would endanger the eye, damaging cell communication connectivity. 

Phone has no harm? Debating this topic has always been inconclusive. Handset manufacturers believe that cell phone microwave radiation only control in radiation safety standards of international rules - called the specific absorption rate "of 2 watts / kg," the limit, it is harmless. Yao Ke experimental research group has come to prove: even if the phone use within the international radiation safety standards, prolonged use of the eyes and other body parts are still hazardous.