NdFeB Magnetic Orders Began To Pick Up

- Oct 09, 2014-

Data show that from the bottom of rare earth prices began to rebound in early March, so far about 30% of the increase. Powerful magnet neodymium praseodymium oxide, for example, since early March 340,000 yuan / ton rebounded to the current 450,000 yuan / ton, or 32%. Stabilize the price of rare earth permanent magnets rebound, indicating the market acceptance of current buyers and sellers of rare earth prices, downstream firms therefore begin restocking, thus boosting the price of rare earth. Rare earth permanent magnet material prices stabilized to pick up, not like last year roller-coaster ups and downs, is conducive to the healthy development of rare earth deep processing industry. With the arrival of the second quarter, demand season, NdFeB magnetic orders began to pick up, magnet increase investment opportunities, which will help enhance the performance of the industry.