Our High-speed Rail Will Enter The Permanent Magnet Motor Drive During

- Oct 09, 2014-

China's first state-level verification by high iron permanent magnet traction motors. 2014 year of the first to have a lot of equipment in service of 350km / h high-speed rail, and further progress in China's high-speed rail in energy conservation, emissions reduction, quiet, tranquility and other aspects of competitive advantage. Marks of high-speed rail has to break the grip of international skills, music entered into the permanent magnet drive period. 

     G day, month end Britain's stringent testing, the company with Zhejiang University to develop ferrite united kingdom key institutions, to participate in the national 863 Program "high-speed rail Pang probably harm the skills and equipment to develop key projects", with completely independent intellectual property TQ-600-type permanent magnet synchronous traction motors, the company state-level testing stations by music into the experimental verification, with sophisticated "anti-demagnetization" skills, the performance index reached the program requirements. 

     According to the company executives planner heyunfeng first volume, permanent magnet traction motor with a high power density, power conversion subject to high overload cover skills and strong strengths, and permanent loss of excitation is troubled by its application in the world of difficulties. TQ-600-type permanent magnet synchronous traction motor to accept the new world rare earth permanent magnet material, the coercive force of up to 381h, magnet stability, resistance to demagnetization skills strong. When the test temperature reaches 180 ℃, not reverse the loss of the permanent magnets is less than 5%. By finite element simulation analysis, completely satisfied with the permanent magnet motor demagnetization resistance requirements. Operating under various extreme conditions, it does not produce permanent magnet demagnetization signs occur, to ensure the reliability of the motor performance. 

     It is understood that a group of eight high-speed rail to accept TQ-600-type permanent magnet motor drive after the relative exchange now accepted 365kW motor, single motor power promoted 65%. Single motor power density promoted 31.5 percent, eliminated one-third of the weight of the train motors to reduce the total weight of 3165kg, equivalent to the weight of more than 50 adults reach international degree predecessors, further saving energy has huge implications for our high-speed rail. Meanwhile, the motor in terms of insulation, ventilation layout, also in a leading position places. Insulation combines the skills of high-power locomotives and high-speed rail traction motor insulation layout strengths, has a higher insulation reliability. Acceptance of new closed-type ventilation plan to ensure that the internal cooling system of the motor clean clean.