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SmCo30H block

SmCo is also named with SoCo magnetic steel, SmCo permanent magnet, SoCo permanent magnetic iron and rare-earth cobalt permanent magnet. It has high performance, low temperature coefficient permanent magnets with its high working temperature-350 degree centigrade. When working above 180 degree centigrade. Its maximum energy product BH and steady temperature are superior than NdFeB magnetic material. It does not need to be coated because it is difficult to be eroded and oxidized. SmCo magnet is widely used in motors, watch, transducers, instruments, positional detector, generators, radar communications, medical equipment and various magnetism spreading devices, magnetic processor, electrical engineering and magnetic derricl

Samarium Cobalt magnets (also called rare earth magnets) were first commercially available about 1970. We offer two main variations: SmCo5 and Sm2Co17 and within these multiple grades of magnets from 18-32 MGOe (140 to 255 kJ/m3). These materials are stronger than ferrite and alnico magnets and widely used in high output motors and sensor applications where corrosion resistance, temperature stability, low weight and small size are important issues.

Sm2Co17 block is our recommended product. We,SENS Magnetic Products, Inc is an Sm2Co17 block and SmCo permanent magnet manufacturer in Hangzhou ,China. We supply first-class permanent magnetic products.